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This Blog's purpose is to inform and dialog about conditions facing orphan, fatherless, homeless or abandoned street children in Iraq. Another concern addressed on Iraq Kids is the condition of schools in Iraq, primarily rural schools that have been largely ignored during re-building.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Building a bridge

This post was written by my dear friend Khalid, who was murdered Tuesday by ignorant cowards who ambushed him outside his house. He never finished this posting but since it shows the kind of man he was I decided to publish it for him. Is there hope for Iraq, the people and children? Their hope lies in destroying the cancerous creatures of hate who will kill Muslims, children or anyone else who stands in their way as they try to satisfy their lust for power by dominating of the people of Iraq. Khalid is gone but never forgotten by me. I miss you brother...
I remember the first time I met David McCorkle, at CMOC were my work is.
Before that I there was an idea in my mind; founding an Iraqi-American friendship group that works in educate people, open a dialogue between the two countries, my idea came when a notice that the American soldiers they know nothing about the Iraqi and the Islamic cultures
except a few ideas which's wrong in mostly and the same thing for the Iraqis, they only know America from Hollywood movies (violence, crime, gangs, drugs, sex and pron)!!!.
Before the war I used to see the kids working in streets, I always thinked about how they works and they still to young for that, I always asked myself "what will happen if one of them become the Iraqi president?, what is the common thing between them and Saddam? the answer was: uneducated" and I thanked Allah for blessing me and I was able to finish my school.
So me and McCorkle set and talk for nearly two hours, I liked his idea and he asked me to join his efforts, so I joined and in mind a big dreams even more from McCorkle's hemself

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Mosul sky, taken by Khalid. You will never be forgotten my friend. Your spirit is free. Thank you for being my friend.  Posted by Hello

Twilight in Mosul taken by Khalid. Posted by Hello

A photograph, taken by Khalid, of the Tigris River flowing through Mosul, Iraq. As long as the waters of the Tigris flow is as long as I will remember and miss you, my brother.  Posted by Hello