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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Why is it the US media continues to paint a picture of the situation on the ground in Iraq as one where the Iraqi people hate Americans? Most every servicemember who has served in Iraq will tell you that the majority of the people are friendly and hospitable, talking on the streets, inviting soldiers into their homes or businesses and many times offering food. Many times we visited schools or drove through villages hearing chants "Yes Yes America" and waves of both adults and children. Of course not everyone likes the American presence and of course there are insurgents, terrorists and bad people in Iraq. Geographically, there are differences where people are more friendly or less friendly varying even from village to village. What I witnessed is that the great majority of Iraqis are just like the majority of Americans; wanting to raise their children and prepare them for their future while earning a living in a safe and secure environment. en sha'a Allah Posted by Hello


  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger Klaus said…

    Politics and money!

    The US media could care less about positive reporting of the U.S. military and our policies because it seems they believe we are the evil in this and bad sells. Look at the glowing support for and the money earned by Michael Moore’s movie. He now admits Fahrenheit 911 is HIS view of these events and others are proving the gross inaccuracies in Mr. Moore’s portrayal. The media and Mr. Moore also don't care about the effect to morale for our troops and the unintended support for enemy they give (Hamas reportedly endorsed and wanted to distribute the Fahrenheit 911). It is shameful because people (U.S. military, Iraqi citizens and now leaders) die as a result. As long as terrorist feel they can get U.S. media support they will continue to use it.

    I also don't advocate a media "cheerleader" for the U.S. military or leadership. If Bush policies or military actions are it, but be balanced and tell the whole story.

    I wasn't there as you were, however my life experience tells me that your unit’s experiences with the Iraqi people of good will aren’t too different from the reaction of anyone else in the world. We all tend to want to live in peace and have an opportunity for prosperity. I am sure the Iraqi’s in general understand the U.S.’s policy and military are there with good intent. Life after Saddam will be better!

    GO USA and God bless you and the troops still there for your noble efforts!

  • At 8:38 AM, Blogger Princess Kimberley said…

    I'm an American, and I don't listen to the US media. The American people want to see a free and thriving Iraq, where the people can live and raise their children in peace. I hate the people who are trying to prevent that.

  • At 1:58 PM, Blogger Steve said…

    You wrote:
    Why is it the US media continues to paint a picture of the situation on the ground in Iraq as one where the Iraqi people hate Americans?

    Sadly enough, it's because the majority of the media is liberal owned and operated, and since they want to have Kerry in the WhiteHouse, they will do whatever they can to see that happen. The liberal media will protest that Fox news is a biased network, that they favor the Republican party and President Bush, yet they wont admit they control the vast majority of media outlets in the United States.


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